The 24/7 Weather Team is proud to announce Storm Shield!

Fast and accurate warnings for wherever you are!

Our weather changes fast and severe storms often bring damaging winds, large hail, deadly lightning and flash floods. Now, the 24/7 Weather Center offers you a new way to protect you and your family when the weather turns stormy.

What is the 24/7 Weather Center's STORM SHIELD?

STORM SHIELD is an app for your iPhone or Android phone that delivers a high-speed early weather warnings within moments of being issued by the National Weather Service.

How does STORM SHIELD work?

STORM SHIELD uses up to 5 locations -- which you select -- to determine whether your home, business, school, etc. is inside a warning area. The STORM SHIELD warning will be delivered directly to your phone if you are in the projected path of severe weather.

Is the STORM SHIELD always available?

STORM SHIELD will automatically send weather warnings 24 hours a day, 365 days a year providing you with time to prepare and seek shelter.

How is the STORM SHIELD different from other warning systems?

STORM SHIELD weather warnings use the new "Polygon Warning System" -- also known as "Storm Based Warnings." These warnings come directly from the National Weather Service and contact only those in the threatened area, instead of for an entire county. This eliminates most of the false alarms and "over-warning" associated with the older "County Based" warning methods.

Can STORM SHIELD issue warnings when I am traveling or at an outdoor sporting event, concert, etc?

This is the BEST part of STORM SHIELD! Unlike other warning services in the past, STORM SHIELD uses the geo-location in your smart phone to determine if you are in a weather warning! This "Smart Warning" technology means that you will always know if dangerous weather is coming your way -- no matter where you are!

Will the "Smart Warning" technology wear down the battery or slow down my cell phone?

The STORM SHIELD technology was especially developed to limit extra use of the battery. In addition, the geo-locating function on your iPhone can be turned on or off as needed. If you are traveling or at an outdoor event and want to receive any weather warnings, turn on the geo-location feature. If you are at home, work, school, etc. turn off the feature to extend battery life.

How quickly will I receive a STORM SHIELD warning?

STORM SHIELD will monitor each warning from the National Weather Service to determine the severity and the exact area(s) affected by the approaching storm. STORM SHIELD will rapidly create a call list of all subscribers within the projected area of the severe weather. The calls begin with subscribers closest to the weather threat and quickly fan out to cover the entire warned area. Warnings will be completely issued within minutes of the initial warning.

What kinds of warnings can I receive with STORM SHIELD?

Unlike other weather phone call services that offer just few types of warnings, STORM SHIELD allows you to select from the complete list of National Weather Service warnings. Select as many or as few types of warnings that best suit the needs of you and your family.

How much does the STORM SHIELD cost?

The STORM SHIELD app costs just $4.99. It's a one-time fee and your app will constantly upgraded with new features. You can purchase it through the App Store on your iPhone or in the Google play store on your Android.

Is it really worth it?

Storm Shield has caught the attention of trusted outlets such as CNET and The Unofficial Apple Weblog. Storm Shield has also won the applause of customers who have submitted feedback:

"A detail-rich app for weather bugs, with an emphasis on smart, active, automatic alerts for severe weather... Its ability to pinpoint data to your location could literally be a life-saver."

"Storm Shield is like having a sophisticated weather radio on your iPhone."
- The Unofficial Apple Weblog

"I love this app because it finds your location... GREAT APP! Someone did what was needed, well worth the small price of it!"
- Tina A.

I already have a Weather Alert Radio; do I also need the STORM SHIELD?

STORM SHIELD is a perfect complement to the National Weather Service Alert Radio. The Weather Alert Radios are a great way to receive general forecasts, storm outlooks, severe weather watches, advisories and warnings. However, the alert radios use the county based warning system, so you may receive a general warning that does not include your specific location.

For example, the tornado warning for the Windsor Tornado in May 2008 was issued for both Larimer and Weld Counties -- an area of over 6,500 square miles. The actual warned area was much smaller, less than 150 square miles.

STORM SHIELD will only warn you if your immediate area is affected by the warning.

Do I still need my Weather Alert Radio?

The weather alert radio remains a very fast way to get in-depth storm information. Our suggestion is a one-two-three combination of STORM SHIELD, the Weather Alert Radio and 7NEWS to provide your family with all of the critical storm information. When you get a STORM SHIELD alert, you know that you can get additional information from your Weather Alert Radio and from the 24/7 Weather Center meteorologists on 7NEWS and

Are there other features?

INTERACTIVE MAP: Track hurricane and tropical storm paths by switching between weather overlays on the map.

AUDIO: Get audio alerts (beeps followed by a brief description of the alert) that could wake you in the middle of the night, or give you information when you can't stop to look at the phone.

LIVE VIDEO AND LOCAL INFO: Watch live video streams from 7NEWS. You can watch all of our newscasts live on your phone and if we carry special news conferences or broadcast live events, that will also be livestreamed to your phone as well. Make sure you select Denver as the market you want, so your app will be customized with additional news and information from the 7NEWS and 24/7 Weather Team.

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